Art at NUKEM

Within the context of planning for renovation of the building in early 2004 , the Board of Management of NUKEM decided to revitalize the corporate work environment. This decision reflects the fundamental insight that the work environment plays an increasingly important role in people's lives today, and it is also expresses a desire to design a work setting that offers opportunities for personal identification.

Wiesbaden artist and gallerist Jürgen Raitz von Frentz was commissioned to develop an art concept for the building. His concept responds to the interior architecture. Opposing pairs of supporting columns line all the corridors in the building, each pair forming a portal, so that every corridor becomes a consciously perceived space. Within this space, the viewer's gaze is diverted, distracted by the visual interruptions and yet activated at the same time. The sides of the portals are highlighted with color, thus emphasizing the space-shaping process. In order to achieve this effect, Jürgen Raitz von Frentz developed a twelve-part color spectrum in a pattern that moves from blue to green to yellow and red and back to blue. At each portal, the viewer's gaze is captured by a different color segment from the spectrum, giving each corridor its own unique visual character.The color scheme is the point of departure for the concept as a whole. The newly vitalized architectural features provide a setting for paintings whose tones correspond to those of the portals. With Fiona Léus, Uschi Lüdemann, Reinhard Roy and Jürgen Raitz von Frentz, four artists representing four different painting styles were chosen. Despite the evident contrasts, their works interact harmoniously with one another.