Code of Conduct of NUKEM Technologies GmbH and its subsidiaries

Compliance with the law
Compliance with law and other rules and regulations is for us an essential basic principle of responsible business conduct. Our employees are obliged to adhere to legal prohibitions and requirements at all times.

No employee may secure or attempt to secure undue benefits for business partners, their employees or other third parties from any form of business activity.  It will be presumed that such an undue benefit is given, when either the nature or the scale of a benefit a benefit might lead to an inadmissible impact on actions and decisions of the recipient.

We are committed to fair and open competition. Therefore, our employees are prohibited to engage in unlawful and/or criminally relevant practices such as illegal bid-rigging to exclude, restrict or distort competition.

The rules of this Code of Conduct must not be circumvented by sponsoring activities.

Documentation of business transactions
All business transactions must be fully and properly documented in accordance with statutory regulations and internal rules of NUKEM Technologies GmbH.

Information security
Company and business secrets must be treated confidentially.  Such information must not be disclosed to unauthorized persons without permission.

Data protection
All employees must observe legal and NUKEM Technologies GmbH’s principles regarding the protection of the data of employees and clients.  Within the framework of any assigned duty, the due care must be attached to protecting personal data. Any deficiencies in this respect must be notified without undue delay to the supervisor or the relevant Data Protection Officer.

Responsibility for the implementation
The principles of this Code of Conduct form a core component of our corporate culture. Our Compliance Officer is responsible for the monitoring of compliance with this Code of Conduct. Nevertheless, each employee is responsible for compliance with this Code of Conduct. The supervisors are obliged to give their employees the meaning and content of the Code of Conduct, to exemplify and to assist them in its implementation. In addition, employees are regularly trained on the contents of this Code of Conduct.