NUKEM Technologies feels obligated to maintain a worth living environment

NUKEM Technologies operates an integrated management system which comprises quality and environmental management as well as occupational safety and health protection.

Quality and environmental management, occupational safety and health protection, personnel matters, engineering, production and finances are assigned equal importance in all business activities. There is nothing of such importance at NUKEM Technologies that the principles of these activities may be ignored or forgotten.

The Executive Management highlights the significance and relevance of appropriate goals and is committed to the continuous improvement thereof. Avoidance/minimisation of adverse environmental impact are corporate goals in all business activities whereby the degree to which these are satisfied is monitored.

The Executive Management ensures the availability of the necessary financial and physical resources required to maintain and continuously improve the management system and, in particular, to train and motivate staff to meet their obligations.

It is the responsibility of all employees to comply with the corporate philosophy and the respective valid laws, standards and other voluntary corporate obligations. The management set an example in this respect.