Clear investigation results: Corruption attempt was an individual case


The independent investigation at NUKEM carried out by renowned law firms from Germany, the Ukraine and the USA with the collaboration of an international consultancy company specialized in such investigations has reached a clear result: the accusations of corruption raised in the Ukraine in October 2006 are to be attributed to inappropriate behavior by a single employee. The results of the investigation were recently introduced to representatives of relevant stakeholders. 

More than 10,000 documents in paper and file form, including all project files as well as correspondence and records, were examined within the framework of the investigation, which was carried out under the leadership of the US law firm Goodwin Procter and took several months. To this end, the jurists interviewed more than 20 persons, including in particular employees from the project team as well as the superiors of the ex-employee in question.

The result of the investigation speaks in favor of NUKEM: the lawyers determined that the company has not covered up or even authorized any corruption attempts, and that no-one in the company had any knowledge of the corruption attempt before the accusations were announced in October 2006. Furthermore, it was established that no bribery payments or other benefits were in fact made, and that apart from this individual case, there were no other indications of corruption attempts by NUKEM employees, whether it be in the Ukraine, Germany, or anywhere else.   

NUKEM had been surprised by corruption accusations at the beginning of October 2006, when a Ukraine television station published a conversation recorded with a hidden camera between a NUKEM employee and the director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In this conversation, which took place about a year before the broadcast, the director of the nuclear power plant was evidently promised personal benefits. NUKEM dismissed the involved employee immediately after the accusations were made public. 

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