Further step in dismantling of VAK


  • Dismantling of the steel-made reactor containment
  • Release from nuclear regulatory control expected for end of the year 2006

RWE NUKEM, general contractor for the dismantling of the Experimental Nuclear Power Plant of Kahl (Versuchsatomkraftwerks Kahl - VAK), will start dismantling of the steel-made reactor containment in the next days.

During operational times, the reactor containment served as barrier against radioactive emissions in the case of malfunctions.

The steel-liner with its height of 46.1 meter has a diameter of 13.7 meter. Wall thickness varies from 14 to 21 mm. The outer shell of the reactor building as well as the inner concrete structure had already been removed. Die inneren Betonstrukturen und der äußere Beton wurden bereits abgebaut. After decontamination of the steel-liner the Bavarian regulatory authority confirmed the structures correspondend to the limits for free-release.

For dismantling a usual cutting device will be used. The steel-liner will be cut into two large and many small (about 2 x 2 m) parts which will be stored on-site for the time being.

With the reactor containment the last part of the former reactor building is vanishing. All other buildings on-site will be dismantled step by step. RWE NUKEM expects the release of the VAK site from nuclear regulatory control for end of the year 2006.
The first electricity generated by nuclear energy for introduction into the German power grid was produced at the VAK in 1961. The nuclear power test plant was decommissioned in 1985. RWE NUKEM assumed responsibility for plant dismantling as project manager and general contractor in 2001.

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