International Consortium Chernobyl Announces New Chairmanship


The chairmanship of the International Consortium Chernobyl (ICC) was transferred from NUKEM Nuklear GmbH to BNFL Engineering Ltd. The ICC which also includes Technicatome S.A., Morrison Knudsen International Company, Inc. (MK) and Kobe Steel Ltd., was formed in June 1997 to cooperate on projects at the Chernobyl site and in the exclusion zone. The chairmanship alternates every two years between NUKEM Nuklear GmbH and BNFL. Under NUKEM's chairmanship the ICC has enjoyed success on the first two of four projects. Also, the ICC has tendered for the Liquid Waste Treatment facility and will be tendering for the Solid Waste projects. Already the ICC has demonstrated its ability to work in an integrated way with the relevant Ukrainian organizations; to combine the best of western technology and management practices with local knowledge.

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