International Consortium Chernobyl


In order to assist the Ukraine in recovering from the disaster which happened more than ten years ago at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power site, the World Community is providing financial and technical assistance in recognition of the positive action taken by the Ukraine to shut-down the remaining reactors at the site. In order to resolve the complex problems resulting from the disaster, it is proposed to use the experience and capabilities of a group of international companies working together. Five leading nuclear companies from five different countries have formed a Consortium named "International Consortium Chernobyl". Jointly they direct their efforts towards the shut-down and decommissioning of the Chernobyl Station. These companies are: BNFL, United Kingdom, KOBE STEEL, Japan, MORRISON KNUDSEN, USA, NUKEM Nuklear, Germany, TECHNICATOME, France. Each member of the Consortium has accumulated unique and extensive experience applying technologies similar to those which will be required at Chernobyl, not only in their own countries, but world-wide, including the countries of the Former Soviet Union. The Consortium intends to use the most modern technology and well-proven designs in combination with highly professional input form the Ukrainian scientific and industrial communities. Additionally, the Consortium intends to transfer its skills and experience in nuclear plant decommissioning and waste management to the Chernobyl Plant operators and its other Ukrainian partners.

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