New process computer commissioned at the Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant


  • Unprecedented installation during ongoing power plant operations

NIS Ingenieure, a division of RWE NUKEM GmbH, has installed a new process computer during ongoing power plant operations at the Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant. Thanks to in-depth preparation, NIS Ingenieure succeeded in dismounting the old system and installing and commissioning the new process computer during power plant operations - an unprecedented achievement in Germany. Consequently, the power plant will have full use of this key plant system during its regular outage phase. The process computer receives all essential power plant process data - a total of some 12,000 signals. These signals are recorded, processed and displayed in the plant control centre. Data are also archived for future reference. The commissioning process, which was completed in only a week's time, was preceded by a one-year testing phase involving an extensive series of functional tests. All phases of the project were monitored and evaluated by qualified official experts. Building on the positive experience gained in the course of this project, plans now call for replacement of the process computer for Block C during plant operations in the second half of this year.

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