NUKEM Back in the UK –
Office in Cheltenham Opened

Connor Deehan will be the new face of NUKEM Technologies in the United Kingdom’s nuclear market. As Director for the UK business, he represents the German company NUKEM Technologies GmbH. NUKEM’s office is located in Gloucestershire.

For more than 50 years, NUKEM Technologies GmbH has been one of the leading providers of high-end engineering services to the nuclear industry worldwide. The company’s main activities comprise the management of radioactive waste and spent fuel, the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, as well as engineering and consulting services.

The company is recognised worldwide for its formidable track-record in international projects. NUKEM first entered the UK market in the 1980s and built a successful business, comprising over 1000 employees, which was sold in 2007.  Under Connor’s leadership, they are now re-entering the UK to serve both the decommissioning and New Build markets.

Point of contact

Bea Heinze
Communications Manager
T: +49 6023 91 1549
F: +49 6023 91 1188
E: bea.heinze@