NUKEM Delivers Waste Management Facility


NUKEM Delivers Waste Management Facility / Significant Contribution for the Decommissioning of Chernobyl

NUKEM Nuklear GmbH, Alzenau, a 100% subsidiary of TESSAG, Frankfurt, has been awarded a turnkey Contract from the Ukrainian company ENERGOATOM for the construction of a waste management facility for the treatment of solid radioactive waste at the Chernobyl NPP. The project - contract value of about 33.3 Mio. Euro - is financed by the European Commission and should be completed within 28 months. In the last few years NUKEM has built similar plants and waste treatment centres in both the Western and Eastern parts of Europe. Furthermore NUKEM has extensive project experience gained over many years in the Ukraine.

The waste management facility is necessary for the conditioning of radioactive waste generated during the operation of the Nuclear Power Plant as well as during the decommissioning of Units 1 to 3. This is a very demanding project which will require appropriate and effective technology.

The project is subdivided into three packages:

  • The first package is the retrieval of solid radioactive waste which is currently stored in the Interim Storage Silos at the Chernobyl site.
  • In the second package the waste from the Interim Storage Silos including such waste as was generated during the operation of the Units 1, 2 and 3 will be sorted/segregated and conditioned into waste streams suitable for final disposal. The waste treatment will be performed within an existing building on the Chernobyl site. For the treatment of low and intermediate level radioactive waste, the following processes will be used: Sorting and segregation, incineration, high force compaction and cementation.
  • In the third package the conditioned solid radioactive waste, as well as conditioned waste products generated by the liquid radioactive waste treatment plant, which is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will be stored in an Engineered Near Surface Disposal Facility for low and intermediate level waste.

As mentioned above the contract covers the turnkey construction of three facilities including the design, licensing support, construction, manufacture and installation of components as well as commissioning and final acceptance. Throughout the treatment of the solid radioactive waste a significant contribution to the improvement of the environmental situation at Chernobyl will be achieved. Additionally, there is the social aspect of job creation. For example about 40% of the work to be done will be performed by Ukrainian Subcontractors, i.e. design work, supply of components as well as construction and installation.

NUKEM proposes the use of proven technology to modern standards: the facilities will be constructed in accordance with western standards taking into consideration Ukrainian norms. Both the Western and Ukrainian companies, which are involved, have to follow these quality standards; thus providing Ukraine with the opportunity to establish future projects in accordance with western standards. NUKEM Nuklear GmbH, and its German and international subsidiaries, generate a turnover of about EURO 300 million per year employing more than 500 personnel.

NUKEM's main activities are focused on the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and the treatment of radioactive waste. TESSAG Technische Systeme und Services AG, Frankfurt am Main, is one of Europe's leading suppliers of integrated infrastructure solutions specializing in the supply of energy and telecommunications. With 18,000 employees in 100 countries and annual sales of Euro 2.5 billion, TESSAG is an ideal partner for customers whose principal areas are the Internet, telecommunications, industry, building operators, energy suppliers, municipal services and local authorities.

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