NUKEM intensifies its activities in China - Cooperation between BINE and NUKEM


Germany based NUKEM Nuklear GmbH, a subsidiary of TESSAG Technische Systeme and Services Aktiengesellschaft, has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering (BINE) for Radioactive Waste Treatment and the Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations. The Chinese National Nuclear Corperation (CNNC) has recommended and supported the partnership following the recent visit of CNNC`s president Li Dingfan to Germany and having regard to the several projects NUKEM has implemented in China during the last three years. BINE and NUKEM will in future market their combined decommissioning and waste treatment know-how and experience both in the Peoples Republic of China and beyond. BINE, as a local company with a strong reputation in China`s nuclear industry, will benefit from NUKEM`s comprehensive range of proven technologies in the fields of treatment of radioactive waste and decommissioning, and also the company`s international experience. With this new local business partner, NUKEM will strengthen its leading position in the Chinese nuclear market and assist in improving the radioactive waste treatment and disposal situation in China. This being one of the high priority activities declared in the recently approved five-year-plan of the Peoples Republic of China.

  • NUKEM Nuklear GmbH, and its German and international subsidiaries, generate a turnover of about EURO 300 million per year employing more than 500 personnel. NUKEM`s main activities are focused on the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, the treatment of radioactive waste, and fuel cycle services. As lead company for the nuclear service business unit, NUKEM represents a strong part of TESSAG.
  • TESSAG Technische Systeme und Services AG, Frankfurt am Main, is an international leading provider of integrated infrastructure solutions specializing in energy and telecommunications fields. In Germany, TESSAG is market leader and ranks among Europe's leading service providers. Over 15,500 employees worldwide generate annual sales of Euro 2.3 billion. The company also offers innovative solutions for power supply industries and distribution networks, industry and local authorities as well as in the markets telecommunication and building operations. More than half of all utility operators in Germany employ products or technological services developed by TESSAG. One third of TESSAG's industrial and trade customers belong to Europe's top 300.
  • The Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering is the largest comprehensive institute for nuclear engineering research and design in the nuclear industrial system in China.
  • The China National Nuclear Corporation, the former Ministry of Nuclear Industry, undertakes the tasks of production, management, scientific research, development and construction in the Chinese nuclear industry. In addition, CNNC is in charge of foreign affairs, international conferences, and sino-foreign cooperation and exchanges in nuclear field.

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