NUKEM investigates corruption accusations in the Ukraine


On 5 October, Ukrainian television's Channel 5 broadcast a recording of a conver-sation between a NUKEM employee and the Director of the Chernobyl Power Plant. During this conversation, which took place in September 2005, the NUKEM employee apparently promised personal advantages to the Director of the Power Plant. Under a contract with the Chernobyl Power Plant, NUKEM is constructing a waste treatment facility for conditioning and storage of solid radioactive waste. NUKEM expressly dissociates itself from the approach of the employee and has commenced an extensive investigation. The employee concerned has been suspended from work. NUKEM assumes that this is an isolated case and the misconduct of an individual employee. The company will take all further necessary steps to clarify the circumstances. NUKEM will cooperate to the full extent with all authorities in charge in order to obtain a complete clarification as quickly as possible. In this context, NUKEM will report the offence to the public prosecutor's office in charge.

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