NUKEM Nuklear and DETEC combine forces


NUKEM Nuklear and DETEC combine forces to create an expert international decommissioning company

The Decommissioning Technologies DETEC GmbH, Alzenau, will be merged with NUKEM Nuklear GmbH, Alzenau. Combining the resources of both companies will strengthen NUKEM's market position. NUKEM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TESSAG Technische Systeme und Services Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt, and the leading company of the Nuclear Services Business Unit.

The specialist for decommissioning of nuclear facilities, DETEC, was established in 1994 as a joint venture between NUKEM (51 %) and Siemens (49 %). NUKEM has now taken over the shares previously held by Siemens.

This new organization confirms the strong position achieved by NUKEM in the international market for decommissioning nuclear facilities and waste management in recent years. Independent subsidiaries in the US, UK, and France work on their own regional markets. The company is also successful world-wide in the nuclear fuel service sector. NUKEM has been number one globally in the nuclear fuels spot market for some years now and is one of the leading suppliers even in the midterm and longterm markets.

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