NUKEM Nuklear GmbH to be a strong part in the newly created TESSAG Association


In the future, NUKEM Nuklear GmbH will be working in a strong partnership with other companies: TESSAG Technical Systems and Services AG, Frankfurt am Main, has been created as part of the new direction taken by the RWE's Industrial Systems division. Under one roof, TESSAG combines proven service providers and system suppliers for the energy-related industry - as demonstrated by the common logo shared by the companies within the association.

NUKEM Nuklear GmbH will not only be a strong pillar in this alliance as an independent company, but takes on the role of lead company for the Nuclear Services business unit, which encompasses the NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hanau, and NIS Rheinsberg GmbH, in addition to the NUKEM Nuklear Group. The Nuclear Services business unit enables TESSAG to offer a global service for the nuclear energy industry and to supply special facilities and nuclear fuel. The scope of services primarily covers waste treatment management, decommissioning, fuel supply and consulting.

Waste treatment services range from development, delivery and operation of equipment and facilities for sorting, concentration, immobilization, incinerating, packaging and storage of radioactive waste, through to the construction of complete waste treatment facilities and delivery of special transport and storage containers (Castor, Constor etc.) and the appropriate storage areas. Decommissioning, decontamination and remediation of nuclear plants and facilities requires not only the application of special waste and volume reduction techniques, but also exact knowledge of the processes and approval procedures.

The companies within the business unit are significantly involved in almost all major decommissioning projects in Germany and Great Britain as well as in many projects in the USA. As trader for nuclear fuel, for many years, NUKEM has been number one worldwide in the spot market, and belongs even in the mid and long term market to the leading suppliers. Business relationships are maintained with almost all utilities and other companies active in the nuclear fuel cycle worldwide.

Nuclear energy consulting encompasses many disciplines, covering such areas as political analysis and market research, scientific-technical consultation and evaluation, company support and training, and engineering services. With its holdings, ANSA (F), DETEC (GER), GNB (GER), NUKEM Inc. (USA), NUKEM Nuclear Ltd. (GB) and NUKEM Nuclear Technologies Corp (USA), NUKEM Nuklear adds it specific and seasoned expertise, particularly in international business, to the multi utility projects of the eleven overall TESSAG activity areas, and in turn utilizes the combined know-how of the association in its projects.

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