NUKEM Nuklear presents RAYMOS


NUKEM Nuklear presents RAYMOS - a pinhole camera for visualization of gamma emitters

NUKEM Nuklear GmbH Alzenau has presented the RAYMOS, a new additional device in the product palette of monitoring systems on JAHRESTAGUNG KERNTECHNIK 1999 in Karlsruhe. RAYMOS is a pinhole camera for visualization of gamma emitters. The radiation source is localized and the intensity of it is displayed by the superposition of activity distribution and optical picture. The new camera has special advantages: RAYMOS is compact, easy to handle, has a high resolution and short measuring time. NUKEM Nuklear offers the product for a competitive price. It is predestined to be used in the area of health physic or in waste management i.e. for sorting of radioactive waste. Besides RAYMOS, the following devices belong to product family of monitoring systems of NUKEM Nuklear: the fuel assembly monitoring system, FAMOS, for controlling of criticality safety when handling irritated fuel assemblies, the drum monitoring system, GME, for characterizing different waste containers, and the neutron drum monitoring system, FEMOS, for determination of alpha activity and/or fissile material in waste containers.

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