NUKEM Nuklear Renamed to RWE NUKEM GmbH


The German nuclear service provider NUKEM Nuklear GmbH will be operating under the name of RWE NUKEM GmbH as of September 1, 2001 Just recently, the parent company, TESSAG, announced its name change to RWE Solurions AG, which is also a visual demonstration of its intensified integration into the multi-utility strategy of the RWE Group. NUKEM and its German and international subsidiaries generate a turnover of about 335 million Euro per year employing more than 500 personnel. NUKEM's main activities are focused on fuel cycle services and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. NUKEM expects to profit from the familiarity and the internationality of the RWE Group.

RWE Solutions AG, Frankfurt am Main (created from TESSAG Technische Systeme & Services AG) is the leading service provider for the energy technology infrastructure of industrial and energy supply companies. As RWE's services management company, RWE Solutions AG is responsible for providing comprehensive, integrated solutions in the energy, utility supply and services sectors. The company serves industrial and energy sector customers from all over the world, along with the RWE Group's major customers. Around 13,600 employees, of which 4,000 work abroad, will generate annual sales of around EUR 3 billion.

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