NUKEM Supplies E.ON Power Plants with the PADE Database Dosage Control System


Following the successful application of the PADE database dosage control system developed by NUKEM in the E.ON owned Brokdorf nuclear power plant, NUKEM GmbH, Alzenau, has been commissioned by E.ON Kernkraft to supply other six nuclear power plants with the PADE database dosage control system. PADE is used to monitor compliance with the dosage limit values imposed by the Radiation Protection Regulations; it also monitors person-related operational and official dosages. In this way, PADE warrants increased safety for power plant staff: the power plant operator can use the person- and order-related evaluations to control staff dosage levels to minimize radiation exposure as far as possible. The first nuclear power plant will be starting work with PADE already in spring 2007, and all six E.ON nuclear power plants will be working with the system just twelve months later. Comparable PADE systems are already of use in the Obrigheim nuclear power plant and the Leibstadt nuclear power plant (Switzerland). In addition, a system developed specially for RWE is already being used in the nuclear power plants Gundremmingen, Biblis and Mülheim-Kärlich.       

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