NUKEM Technologies Reached 1 Million Man-hours on its Ignalina Construction Site without any Time lost-Accident

NUKEM Technologies has reached a significant milestone on the construction of the Ignalina B1 and B234 projects, which is 1 million man-hours of construction works without any time lost accidents. Construction works on the B1 and B234 Projects are progressing very well: The Storage building which is the biggest and the most complicated task under the B1 project is almost finished, the Gate House & Office Building are also developing. Also, the construction works for the process and storage facilities within the B234 project are running efficiently.

„Reaching this milestone has shown that all our teams are committed to ensuring that the workforce go home every day without any injuries and also re-affirms INPP’s management that due to the strict health and safety measures applied on the regular basis we are serious about completing the project in an absolutely safe manner“, says Mr. Jean Maurer, NUKEM Technologies Director for projects in Lithuania.

The subcontractor of NUKEM Technologies for the construction works and employer of the workforce on construction site is Lithuanian company “Vetruna”.

At its current peak there are approximately 800 workers working over two shifts, undertaking various kinds of construction work which is extremely complex.

The project workforce and the management teams comprise numerous nationalities including Lithuanian, German, Austrian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, British, Latvian and Polish nationals. Together with equipment suppliers from a number of European countries, such as Germany, Czech Republic, France Great Britain, Latvia and Italy, this makes the project to a true European effort.

With the variety of nationalities on site, this brings its own safety challenges as each set of workers have their own safety culture. Therefore, NUKEM’s and Vetruna’s construction management teams have to make very effort to bring together the cultural difference of various workers and make them understand the safety standards that must be achieved to enable such a complex project to be built safely, without any injuries to personnel, and following high quality standards.

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