NUKEM Technologies signed the contract with Vetruna

Today “NUKEM Technologies” has signed a contract with UAB “Vetruna” for the construction of the Spent Fuel Facility (B1 Project) at Ignalina NPP. The respective contract has been signed by Mr. Ulf Kutscher, CEO of NUKEM, and Juozas Valužis, General Director of Vetruna.. This contract follows the respective Letter of Intent under which Vetruna took over the works on B1 Project since July 2010.

Mr. Jean Maurer, NUKEM Technologies Director for projects in Lithuania emphasizes that NUKEM Technologies will make every effort to continue ensuring proper progress on B1 Project which is one of the most important projects of Ignalina decommissioning programme. For this common objective, the continued support from INPPis obligatory.

By the new contract with “Vetruna” “NUKEM Technologies” is replacing “Ranga IV” with a new contractor in order to avoid any further delays on B1 Project and to assure that the completion date of the B1 Project is met.

According to Mr. Juozas Valužis, UAB ”Vetruna” General Director, “Vetruna” values the trust expressed in their company and is fully committed to contribute all necessary resources to ensure efficient results on both B3,4 and B1 Projects.

“Nukem Technologies” has already an ongoing working relationship with “Vetruna” as in 2009 a contract for the civil construction of the Solid Waste Treatment and Storage Facility (B3,4 Project) at Ignalina NPP has been signed with the said company. The construction works for the B3,4 Waste Treatment Project started in December 2009 and in accordance with the current completion program construction works on B3,4 Projects shall be finished in the first half of 2011.

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