Reorganization of the NUKEM Group


  • Fit for the future
  • Comprehensive range of services with transparent structure
  • NUKEM Technologies GmbH set up

The NUKEM group has future-oriented been restructured. The new organization highlights  the NUKEM group's target of maintaining its successful position among international competition through its wide range of services, while at  the same time increasing transparency in order to take into account the requirements of modern financial management.

NUKEM GmbH, Alzenau, continues to offer products and services in the nuclear fuel cycle. This includes the fuel trading for power and research reactors as well as the isotope business.
Business activities in the areas of decommissioning, management of radioactive waste, engineering and consulting will all be handled by NUKEM Technologies GmbH, Alzenau effective as of 1st October 2006. NUKEM Technologies GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of NUKEM GmbH. NUKEM GmbH also holds the shares in the  international subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain and Luxemburg.

The management board of NUKEM GmbH remains unchanged with Dr. Erwin Wehner as chairman together with Dr. Michael Down and Kurt Schreiber.

Dr. Erwin Wehner is the managing director of NUKEM Technologies GmbH.

Holding company of the NUKEM Group is NUKEM International GmbH, founded on 1st September 2006, whose management board consists of Dr. Erwin Wehner (chairman) and Wilhelm Plumpe. As CFO, Wilhelm Plumpe is also responsible for the commercial departments of the other German companies and will be supported by the two Directors Heiner Zinnkann and Christian Fröhlich.

All the member companies of the NUKEM group share a common parent logo.

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