RWE NUKEM and GNB awarded a contract to build a Dry Spent Fuel Storage Facility at Bulgarian Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant


  • Storage facility for 2,800 spent fuel assemblies
  • Financed by the Kozloduy International Support Decommissioning Fund (KIDSF)

On May 31, 2004, the official signing of the contract for a new Dry Spent Fuel Storage Facility at the Bulgarian Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant took place in Sofia. After an international tender, a consortium of RWE NUKEM (leader) of Alzenau and GNB - Gesellschaft für Nuklearbehälter, Essen was awarded the Euro 48.7 million turn-key contract. The construction of the Dry Spent Fuel Storage Facility is financed from the KIDSF. The European Community through PHARE support, and a number of EU members and Switzerland have contributed to the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF), which is managed and administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The scope of the contract includes design, manufacturing and constructing, testing and commissioning of the new storage facility for 2,800 VVER-440 spent fuel assemblies at the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. The storage technology will be based on cask storage by using the CONSTOR-cask type. The licensing process complies with international rules and Bulgarian regulations. RWE NUKEM will be responsible for the project management, design and construction of the storage building and auxiliary systems as well as for the safety analysis while GNB will develop and manufacture the 34 CONSTOR casks and the cask relevant handling equipment. The design of the Dry Spent Fuel Storage Facility assures long-term interim safe storage of fuel assemblies, at least for 50 years. The plant will be designed in a way that allows an extension of the storage capacity to 8,000 spent fuel assemblies from VVER-440 and 2,500 spent fuel assemblies from VVER-1000 in its final stage. The Dry Spent Fuel Storage in Kozloduy is RWE NUKEM's and GNB's second common spent fuel storage project in Eastern Europe. Jointly, both partners had been responsible for a similar project at the Dukovany nuclear power plant, where a storage facility for CASTOR casks was built in the 1990ies.

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