RWE NUKEM completes another project in Russia


  • Retrofitting of incineration facility at the Kola Nuclear Power Plant
  • Significant contribution to the improvement of nuclear and environmental safety on the island of Kola

RWE NUKEM GmbH of Alzenau, a subsidiary of RWE Solutions AG of Frankfurt am Main, has completed a project devoted to upgrading an existing facility at the Russian Kola Nuclear Power Plant. The old incineration facility has now been upgraded, optimized and equipped with a modern flue-gas purification system.

The facility is now being commissioned by RWE NUKEM personnel. Co-operation between the German engineers and their colleagues in Kola has been excellent. The retrofitting of the facility, which went into operation in the mid-1980s, and the modernization of the flue-gas system in keeping with state-of-the-art engineering standards will substantially improve the local environmental situation. The project was funded in part through TACIS, the EU support program for countries of the former Soviet Union.
The Kola Nuclear Power plant is situated on the island of Kola near Murmansk. Four WWER-440 pressurized water reactors are currently in operation at the site.

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