Dismantling of the Reactor Block
of Brennilis NPP

With some 80% of its electricity generated by nuclear power stations, France produces more of its electricity from nuclear power than any other country in the world. A significant number of France's nuclear power stations were commissioned more than 30 years ago. Of these, 58 power stations are currently still in service and 12 have already been shut down and are either awaiting decommissioning or are already being decommissioned. France is hence one of the most interesting and dynamic nations with regard to ongoing decommissioning projects. The decommissioning projects currently under way in France are therefore models or pilots for the future of France's decommissioning strategy and are being scrutinised and tested particularly intensely by the operator Électricité de France.

One of these projects is the current decommissioning of BRENNILIS CO2-cooled heavy-water reactor (EL 4) in Brittany which was taken off-line in 1985. The reactor, primary circuit and secondary systems are being decommissioned by a French/German consortium comprising ONET Technologies Grands Projets (France) and NUKEM Technologies. 

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