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„We offer our customers the best possible solutions in a safe, robust and cost-effective manner.“

Thomas Seipolt | Managing Director
Dipl. Ing. Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
with NUKEM since 2002

„We ensure top performance as we jointly develop and implement innovative solutions and concepts with customers. And this is not only the case for the local decommissioning market but also for such international projects as Chernobyl or Fukushima.“

Dr. Hauke Grages | Director Operations
Dr.-Ing. Civil Engineering
with NUKEM since 2013

„Tell me how your project starts and I will tell you how it will end! – Successful project and financial management is no coincidence.“

Rauel Hilsmann | Director Finance and Commercial
Dipl. Ing. Industrial Engineering (FH)
with NUKEM since 2013

„With procurement, the price is an essential but by no means decisive factor. Such aspects as quality and reliability are equally important when selecting your suppliers.“

Anna Alvarez-Kulesza | Head of Procurement
Degree in Business Administration (FH)
with NUKEM since 2016

„A successful project completion requires a good team with strong expertise and a team leader with organisational skills and an accountant's accuracy.“

Uwe Freiberg | Director Projects Operation
Dipl. Ing. Material Engineering
with NUKEM since 1990

„For us, quality begins with focusing on customer satisfaction.“

Rüdiger Wolf | QM & HSE Manager
Dipl. Ing. Chemical Engineering
with NUKEM since 2011

„Communication is not everything, but everything is meaningless without it. Hence, it is very important to maintain communication at eye level both internally and externally.“

Bea Heinze | Communications Manager
Master of Science in Corporate Communications
with NUKEM since 2007

„Our employees represent the core of NUKEM! Their commitment and expertise are the foundation of our success. For this reason, it is particularly important to us to provide good working conditions and to invest in their professional and personal development.“

Hannah Christ | Head of Human Resources
Graduate in Business Administration
(University of Applied Sciences - FH)
with NUKEM since 2014

„For our clients we provide safety, quality and efficient products and services based on our expertise and key competences.”

Sergey Molodtsov | Managing Director
Master Degree in International Business
with NUKEM since 2016

„Healthy finances lay a solid foundation to build a bridge to a successful future.“

Maxim Gennel | Director Finance and Commercial
Master of Business Administration
with NUKEM since 2016

„We rely on our employees and on their motivation, creativity and potential. We think that it is a widespread illusion to believe that our current knowledge is everything that we are capable of ever knowing.“

Ute Sauer | Head of Human Resources
Graduate in Business Administration (University of Applied Sciences - FH)
with NUKEM since 2016